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MIS 750-Book Your Movie Tickets Online!

Me and my husband are always looking forward to have chance to watch latest movies at the cinema.Since we have 2 daughters now, our "hobby" can't be practiced regularly. Sighhhh. Movies will be selected based on what is suitable with our little girl.And of course, cartoon after cartoon.

Recent addition to our family, is my 4 months old little baby girl.And because of that, we can just watch movies at home. Haha. We've been following Fast and Furious since the first one, but we finally sacrificed by not watching Fast and Furious 7 as it was classified under 18sx and no one to look after our baby girls.

This week, Bond has make his appearance again!!!! And it's classified under P13. But,but, but....We are not going to bring our baby girls to watch the movie.

Oh actually, I want to talk about being me, I normally love to buy things online, pay bills via online and book movie tickets online. What about queuing in a long queue with other movie lovers, and when it reach our turn, the tickets is already SOLD OUT!Better be prepared, book online guys, smarter :))   

I've downloaded GSC and TGV apps from Apps Store. So here it goes :

The apps offered you various menus that can help you in many ways.I normally choose my favorite and nearest cinema to watch movies.

My dear cinema is of course Alamanda, Putrajaya.Just 10 minutes drive from home. But, GSC Alamanda is always full house and you better book the tickets earlier to get your seats!

After that, just select the date, movie to watch, time and your method of payment.So, I'm using Maybank2u.Oh, a few years back, I've been randomly selected as Maybank customers to watch Transformers Premiere and my husband won a lucky draw of a perfume that worth a few hundreds.Wow!

Previously, movies online booking didn't require their customers to make payments on the spot, but bookings will always deal with last minutes cancellation that will cost loss for them. 

And then, click how many persons that are going to watch movie with you.They have e-Combo now, you just need to pay online and get to redeem the combo without queuing.I am now a student, so I can actually get student's price during weekdays.But, how can I go out for movie during weekdays?Pity me.. 

The next screen will show you your details such as name, emails and phone numbers and IC numbers.

Then, you can choose your own seats definitely.

so, these are the details of your purchase. you need to pay within the minutes given to avoid from void.The worse part, there is charge for booking fee. Would you prefer to qeueu or to pay RM0.50? It's your choice by the way. 

and if you agree with terms and conditions, please pay immediately :P. If you completed the process, you'll be given codes and need to scan the code in the entrance. Go green by saving papers!

Actually, I didn't finish the process because I change my mind not to watch this movie with my baby girls. A friend give her review, some scene that are not suitable for kids. Bond will always be Bond!

These are a few histories of movies that you can track back in this apps. Seems that, movies that I've watched mostly based on my daughter's preferences.Haha. 

Thanks to technologies that make our lives easier and happier too!

Source : GSC apps from Apps Store

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